Hyolee – U-Go-Girl Mcountdown 080814



She’s so cute laughing at her back up dancer’s mistake lol..


credit: finkldata


August 16, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. andy replied:

    thxxxxxxxxxxxxx in advance

  2. tern replied:

    I’m glad you’re at least continuing to upload for now. I can’t wait for the link!

  3. eve_wu replied:

    yeah…hyori so cute when she’s laughing…hahahhaaa
    oya caheobeo…at finkldata, there is not encore part..
    i was downloading hyori 080814 before at bbs.icfinkl.com..there is encore part..yo can go there..

  4. pholix replied:



  5. caheobeo replied:

    really? what a pity a dont have an account there, and i dont understand Chinese, so…

  6. Oschino replied:


  7. aska replied:

    thanks so much caheobeo

  8. el`nino replied:

    Thanks for sharing Caheobeo appreciate it

  9. Ky Nam replied:

    She’s so… “nham nhở” hheheheh^^
    I just love her!

  10. Ky Nam replied:

    and btw, this is the smallest size perf since August. Oh my god, the previous perfs are so HQ that I can run it on my PC!

  11. pim replied:

    thanks a lot

  12. Infinity_tao replied:

    Thanks so much. Her smile is cute ^^

  13. Zap replied:

    Thanks, Hyori so cute when she’s laughing 🙂

  14. Quang replied:

    ty for sharing

  15. MOMO replied:

    hyori unni looks darker in this perf. ;P

  16. mrkpop replied:

    thank you


  17. High Kick replied:

    hey, i’m from soompi. thanks for the upload. my parents have become obsessed with hyori and have asked me to download a couple of her performances/MVs. thanks again for all your hard work.

  18. thao replied:


  19. vazod replied:

    thanks… i am taking this…

  20. Karen replied:

    Quality not as clear for the file size but still a great performance. THANK YOU!!!!

  21. Ronald replied:


  22. pau replied:

    Fantastic !
    thank you !

  23. Cam_Lee replied:

    Tell me how to download it~ please!!!~

  24. Cam_Lee replied:

    C’est bon, I got it~
    txs a lot!

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