Get Ya – Again Korea (2006-03-01)

Let me introduce Pholix, new admin of this bog. I asked him to help and he agreed. Thank you so much oppa 😀

He’s a nice guy and of course a huge fan of Hyori unnie. So respect him, show your appreciation to him. If you dont, he will leave, and I will def. leave with him.. As I said, this is the last time!

*the red part is caheobeo


Hi guys, caheobeo added me to the blog admin so i can also, share files with you.

I´ll start posting a get ya performance that i was searching for years in HQ, and finally found it!


re-uploaded by me

By the way, leave a message, you dont need to register at wordpress to do so!

Be nice, as long as you guys leave your apreciation for the blog it wont die!

Download Megaupload



August 8, 2008. Hyori, Performance.


  1. Dess replied:


  2. kiwizm replied:

    i wonder if i had seen it before :/

  3. Alice replied:

    Thanks. I love her hairstyle when she was doing Dark Angel.

  4. c e l i a replied:

    Thank you.

    I find that GetYa perfs are hard to find.
    Sucks that she had to cut short performing GetYa.

    BTW, this is pretty damn HQ LOL

  5. Oschino replied:

    Thanks for the up. Nice to see some old vids being downloadable again!

  6. janeberryblue replied:

    nice to meet you pholix! though i’m the BIGGEST hyori fan… i personally did not like ‘get ya’

    thanks for sharing though!!! looking forward to what else you’ll help caheobeo with 😀

  7. strawberrybj replied:

    May i know is this the performance where she will get wind at the beginning before starts performing?

  8. andy replied:

    thx i already ahve the vidz but thx

  9. Ky Nam replied:

    yeah my Dark Angel flew back^^

    new admin, new uploader, all good news~!!!!
    thank so much, you guys are awesome!

  10. Ky Nam replied:

    and yeah btw… i’m waiting for the perfs on 8/8 and 9/8, this page is the only place on earth i’m hoping for uploading it. thank you for all the things you had done!

  11. aska replied:

    Let’s check this out. Thanks 4 sharing

  12. Deborah replied:

    hi, pholix, nice too meet you ^^

  13. vazod replied:

    thanks… gonna take it… i like this song! tune catchy… 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

    and welcome pholix! 🙂

  14. twily replied:

    Thanks for sharing ^^ I really like this song.

  15. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you for your posting file very much
    and I also want to very welcome you, Pholix, to this wordpress page!!!!
    you’re such a very GREAT guy for sharing us like this
    I want to cheer you and CAHEOBEO up a lot
    and please don’t give up to what you always do for all the fans
    we’re so appreciated to get the very beautiful and lovely files from you and especiallt CAHEOBEO
    Plase don’t leave us
    I’ll be so sad, if you really want to leave
    Please, I’ll always stay by your side

  16. MOMO replied:

    welcome Pholix!!!! >w<

    i know this site recently and i’ll come more n more often.

    thanks for this clip.

  17. Louise replied:

    Ooh, thanks for this! 🙂

  18. Thai replied:

    thanks for this perf, i luv her alot !!!

  19. Infinity_tao replied:

    thank you so much for share this ^^

  20. tern replied:

    Thank you. I missed the Get Ya performances when they first broadcasted since I didn’t know of Hyori back then. Thanks for the re-up!

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