I know you are wondering what are happening to the site..

Many spacing posts..

I’ll tell you the reason later..

If you have stalked my blog from its beginning, you can see that I set up this blog b/c I wanna be friends with Hyori’s fans. I was so sad that at that time (when she hasnt made her comeback yet) seemed like nobody knew or cared abt her. I hardly found a forum/fan-site/blog… with her latest updates (news/pictures/videos…). She even didnt have a clubbox at that time… Her soompi thread was moving so slow~~~~, with only loyal fans kept posting.

So I decided to set up this. At first I said that I only shared small files, mostly CFs (I think it’s still on the “About me” pages).. and now, you can see I broke my words.

This is the second time I have to say abt this. Last time. The edition part was added after 2 days of no comments..

But I passed that b/c of Boo’s words..

And then she made her comeback.. and released many things.. I tried to keep up with her activity..

Many big files… many efforts.. much time.. much hope..

And now what I got?

Hyolee vol.3 – It’s Hyorish FULL~~~~~~~~~ | 379 downloads | 12 comments (I dont count mine)

[Engsub] DBSK & SNSD – Anycall HAPTIC Full | 353 downloads | 11 comments

SJ Happy – Cooking Cooking MV | 213 downloads | 10 comments

Hyolee – U-Go-Girl MV | 178 downloads | 11 comments

Hyolee – U-Go-Girl MV preview | 189 downloads | 6 comments

Hyolee – Anystar MV ft. Lee Jun Ki & Park Bom | 95 downloads | 1 comments

And many others… I cant list all..

From what happend to Kitty, I realised maybe I’m too good with ppl..


If you are too busy to spend no more than 5 seconds to hit the keyboard 6 times, and then press the ENTER button, then why I have to feel sorry if I quit and spend OVER 8 hours a day to go out with my friends instead?

I hate ppl keep asking abt the pw even though there’s a PASSWORD? page on the right bar..

I hate seeing “I want it now”, “why didnt you upload this yet?”, “why didnt you give it to me?”, “where’s the link?”..

And all, I hate lecchers!


Ok thanks for reading all that LONG post..

I’ve made 10 spacing posts. When I replace all those posts with updates, I’ll decide to quit or not.

From now to that point of time, I wanna see..


I will NOT post my links anywhere else from now.. so I’ll have the exact statistic.

This is the last time I tell you abt this. I dont force anyone, if you dont have 5 seconds to comment, then I’m sure you dont have enough time to download any of my files.



August 4, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. Debbie replied:

    Hope you’re okay

  2. Ky Nam replied:

    I’m dying to know^^.

  3. lillkitty replied:

    Go girl!! This is realy good decision! And this “6 letters – 5 seconds”.. it is so true, I told you dolphins are smart! :p *huugs* ^_^

  4. eve_wu replied:

    feel so sorry..
    i didn’t know if each comment will take effect..
    after i decide to make a blog…
    i can understand that what you mean…
    do you know, it’s that you gave me an inspiration…
    i see, hyori post going to slow…
    i love her since 2002…
    but in my country is difficult to get video or information about her…
    after i see your blog, i want to try to make a friends with hyori lover too…

  5. eve_wu replied:

    so keep going…
    i’m still new about this..but no matter what happened…
    around you…in what country…there is a friend who always caring about you…

  6. eve_wu replied:

    i confess…
    maybe i’m the leechers too..
    (difficult to upload because the uplaod connection too slow)
    but there is the world, have a sirculate…leechers, seeders, sender..
    don’t be sad…
    i post everything i can…whatever my english so bad and bad and bad..

  7. janeberryblue replied:

    oh gosh the same sorta crap was happening over at ahboo’s blog
    it’s the sucky part about the internet– there’s just leechers galore T___T

    i’ve only recently come across this site and i really love it! you have some nice HQ downloads with non-CB links and i’ve been very grateful!!! thank you SOOO much for all your work.
    there are those of us who actually support you and appreciate what you do for true hyori fans~


  8. c e l i a replied:

    I don’t know what exactly you could do.
    It sucks that blogs don’t have the hide features that you have to comment to see the link.

    I don’t know how different a blog is from a forum.
    But I guess maybe you could start a forum instead so you could have that feature?

    But if you decide to quit, I would wholeheartedly understand.

  9. Blue replied:

    I love your post. Read that you we feeling down in the Hyori Lee Soompi thread. Don’t let people get you down. Keep up the awesome work.

  10. Nang replied:

    Just wanted to say that i definitely appreciate you taking your time and sharing these files, ive recently become a big fan of hyori thanks to you, but whatever you decide to do in the end i would def. understand. Thanks!

  11. camille replied:

    sorry to hear this!but i’m really thankful you’re here uploading Hyori’s stuff and i’m glad that i’m not the only Hyori avid fan out here!!!cheer up (8)oh oh oh okay?!(8)

  12. yurisung replied:

    i think you’re making a big deal over nothing.. really, it’s not like you deserve the credit, i mean you did take the time to upload the files but it’s not like you recorded the shows, split them, and made these files. Those are the real people who deserve the credit so just stop you’re whining over some stupid crap like comments. there’s always going to be leechers and ungrateful people so just deal with it. let them search for files ion their own and maybe they’ll be grateful.

  13. aska replied:

    I’m sorry u feel frustrated. I among many here love your time and dedication and have become big hyolee fans. Please do what’s best for you, but just to let u know many of us appreciate your work. Much Thanks always

  14. Nisa N. replied:

    Dear Caheobeo
    I’m really upset and sorry to what happened to you.
    I’m always your fans and do post evertime I get the files from you.
    I have promised to myself that I’ll always post to everyone who shares files to me.
    You may go back and check to what I posted^^
    I confess that I’m not good at posting, but just only “thank you” may be it’s OK, right?
    If you don’t sppreciate to the words I posted, I’ll change.
    Please tell me.
    Anything I’ll satisfy you, please tell me, I’ll do.
    Becase I know very little how to get the HQ files, CAHEOBEO, you are my really best shelter.
    Boo, too (ahboo from wordpress), that’s my very best shelter.
    I understand how hard for being waited for uploading file to the internet.
    My internet speed isn’t so fast, so it’s so slowwwww….
    Please don’t give up.
    I’m the one who’s always your fan….
    효리언닌 영원히 CAHEOBEO를 사랑해!
    I believe this should be the word hyori unni want to say to you most!!!

  15. purplemoonie replied:

    Just want to leave some words so that you know I was here ^^
    Stand ~~~~~~~~~ by me
    oh oh just stand ~~~~~~~~ by me


    Btw, I like ur aquarium :X

  16. minjx33 replied:

    aww i found this site very recently..and i downloaded a couple things without commenting..
    i’m so so sorry! i so very appreciate your willingness to share.. it must be so time consuming for you.
    thank you so so much!!
    now whenever i download, i will definitely comment.
    i’ve done a similar thread like this before.. and i hate moochers too.
    i hope you feel better. you have lots of supporters!! 😀

  17. Ky Nam replied:

    I read and understand what you’re feeling.
    And you are such a lovely netizen with your contribution. We all feel thankful.
    Thank you.

  18. Zap250 replied:

    I have to admit I’m kinda guilty of this – I download say 5 files here and comment on one of them … I felt like commenting over and over was like spamming … sorry, I will try to remember to comment each time from now on.

    And to those who *never* comment, show some appreciation – there’s nothing worse than taking so much time and effort to upload files only to find so many people take it without bothering to say thank you.

  19. BLurBLur replied:

    hello there caheobeo….

    i certainly can understand ur frustration… it seems like nobody appreciates all ur hard work..i cannot say for the ppl visiting ur blog here… but those of us over at the soompi hyori thread certainly do appreciate all ur efforts…. you have been selflessly doing this for all fans and we certainly appreciate it..

    having said that… from here on out… i will support what ever course of action u decide to take… whether its continuing or stopping altogether… its ur decision to make =)

    Caheobeo Fighting !!!

  20. vazod replied:

    oh dear…
    caheobeo is angry now… dun be mad caheobeo… 🙂 you did a good job. and i am sure ple will comment from now on.

    cheer up! i will support u all the way… 🙂 thou i dun come here always. but i do leave comments when i dl from here. do cheer up. 🙂

    PS: i tried to comment on the first post u posted on space 1, could not find the link for comment. so hope u do not mind if i post my comments here…
    thank you for the video.

  21. strawberrybj replied:


    I have just found out about your site about 1 week ago. I know how frustrating it is for you to upload things but just a few leave thank you comments.

    Unlike forum, you can’t seem to control leechers. Maybe you’re right, if the download statistic doesn’t justify with the comments count, just stop sharing.

    Just want u to know that I’m a new fan of Hyori. I know her before but not really into her until I watch Family Outing and after I listen to her latest album. I can say that I’m her fan now. I love her new album!

  22. TrangMin replied:

    I can finally write a comment 4 u now xD Yesterday there was something wrong with this page T_T

    So, what I hav to say is, keep on doing this :X

    Though the download numbers you can see that lots of people take an attention to ur blog. It’s really good, doesn’t it? 😀

  23. trangmin replied:

    Once more with an avatar ;))

    I have two account 😮

  24. Knov1 replied:

    I understand how you feel. I don’t share files like I used to for the same reason. It’s not about receiving praise for the uploads but it’s nice to know people appreciate the effort and time you’re putting in. Best of luck with the blog. Take care.

  25. Quang replied:

    Please dont quit your site it is very nice i alway and thanks for the 1 i download thank you again so much

  26. MOMO replied:

    don’t be upset ><

    always give u a thank when i get the file

  27. roseltv replied:

    Just come across ur site today and encounter this post. I guess that’s the sad part of Internet and there are lechers everywhere so actually there’s nothing u can do. I don’t upload files but I upload vids on streaming sites. The vids don’t have a lot of comments but I’m just happy about the fact that many people are watching them. Maybe u can take things a bit easier. Just my opinion though.
    Btw, I really love ur site. WHy? Coz I love Hyori but I learn about her too late so I really have no idea where to find her old or new clips in HQ. Thanks a lot for uploading on these.

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