Hyolee – U-Go-Girl + Encore Inkigayo 080803




This is the one that Shindong of Super Junior joined to dance with her at the end 😀


credit: icfinkl


August 4, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance, Super Junior.


  1. shidou replied:

    Thanks for sharing!
    I loved this perform when i saw the whole show!
    Hyori Fwighting!

  2. andy replied:

    thx you , you are the best !!!oh hyoleee

  3. vazod replied:

    thanks… taking this… 🙂

  4. Ky Nam replied:

    yep, thank you! waited for so long.

    I had downloaded the avi version via fs2you.com, but the file has a problem: it’s “stuck” & stop at nearly the end, so after i had spent a lot of time downloading the file, i deleted it, suck huh?
    So i have to waite for your uploading and I check your site 5 or 6 times yesterday^^. now i got it, thank you.

  5. remra replied:

    yay !! thanks for sharing

  6. tern replied:

    She looks great in red. Thanks for the cap and upload.

  7. el`nino replied:

    mini essay:
    caheobeo, first of all you are doing a great job and i cant thank you enough for all the long hours you have spent to share with us something we all love in common, hyori. I understand your lack of appreciation and thank you’s and i support your decision. You’re a great ambassador and it would be a great pity for you to leave. I hope all goes well and pray that your decisions are in the right direction. And i just want to say Thanks you. PEACE

    THANK YOU!!!

  8. janeberryblue replied:

    thank you SOOO much caheobeo for taking the time to share this. it seems to be really HQ AND it includes the encore perf

    can’t wait to see shindong and hyori XD


  9. Ahn78 replied:

    ~~~~~THAnKS for sharing LOVE these HQs performances~~~~~~

  10. vics replied:

    Wow. BIG FILE. Thanks for sharing. Hyori looks amazing in that pinkish-colored top. She’s the HOTTEST EVER! lol. ^_^

    Thank you.

  11. aska replied:

    Thanks Caheobeo!! Love this big hq vids.

  12. Anya replied:

    Thank You

  13. KRL replied:

    Thanks for posting I rely on your site to get hqs^^

  14. twily replied:

    Thanks for posting this performance !

  15. Karen replied:

    Great performance…seems like she’s always winning! 🙂 THANKS for the HQ file!

  16. pom replied:


  17. Ronald replied:

    cool thx

  18. reltim replied:

    thank you

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