Hyolee – U-Go-Girl MV

090426 edit: reuploaded by Barbie


TP file.

Are there anyone still want this? Boo and shotime uploaded a TP version before here:

but it has a little of MV So hot at the beginning, so if you wanna have a TP version only contains U-Go-Girl, make a request pls!

MU – Barbie

credit: finkldata


August 2, 2008. Hyori, MV.


  1. Oschino replied:

    Hey! Could you please upload the TP version please. Thanks a lot again!

  2. henny replied:

    i want this MV…. Can I still download it???

  3. sophia replied:

    Thank you for the video~

  4. Oschino replied:

    Thanks a lot for the upload! Finally a high version of the MV!

  5. vazod replied:

    taking this… thank you… 🙂

  6. tern replied:

    Such a good video, thanks!

  7. giulialicious replied:

    Thanks a lot! I love this video 😀 😀

  8. Anya replied:

    Thank You

  9. Amnhacfan replied:

    thanks for the MV..i already have this one in avi but it doesnt look every good..

  10. roseltv replied:

    It’s really late but can I still request the version with only U GO Girl please? Thanks a lot.

  11. caheobeo replied:

    actually i uploaded that long ago, click the USA link at the end of the post

  12. mrkpop replied:

    thx 🙂

  13. Kuin replied:

    hey! do u know which media can play .tp file? My media cant read it 😦 (Ive tried GOM Player, Quick Player, Windown Media Player)

  14. caheobeo replied:

    download the latest K-lite codec pack here:

    Hump.. but i thought Gom player was fine with tp?

  15. thao replied:


  16. YOYOYO replied:

    I ❤ ❤ this MV =D

  17. UGOGIRL replied:

    i want to make a request please! i only hyori lee in it! thanks =D

  18. dandygirl replied:

    Thank you. i’m getting addicted to this song!!

  19. Audek replied:

    thank you much

  20. anh replied:


  21. jwh08 replied:

    Could you please re-upload the MV U-Go-Girl by Hyori?

  22. jwh08 replied:

    It says the link is no longer valid =/

  23. Barbie replied:



  24. SHOCK Boy replied:

    very sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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