What happened to Clubbox?

EDIT: I solved the problem.

Install this

Thanks 10kg@s-u-j-u.net for helping.

P.S: but it is still very slow~~~~ >_<


I cant download, and got this:

Click here for larger image

If you know why, and how i can solve this, pls tell me.

If I cant download, I cant share anything and have to close this blog 😦

Help me if you can pls!


July 31, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. Dess replied:

    THAT HAPPENED TO ME TOO!! what happened?

  2. kiwizm replied:

    me too! a lot of ppl (included me) resolved that probleminstalling again the soft :

  3. caheobeo replied:

    I re-installed but it didnt help 😦

  4. Konoha_Rocklee replied:

    How fast is it for you…mine is usually 51k

  5. caheobeo replied:

    it depends on the files, and the clubbox also.
    Mine: (with quick point)
    Fast: >200k
    Normal: 70~130k
    Slow: 0~10k =))
    At the moment: 6k >_<

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