Invincible Lee Hyori & Dont Cry @ Mcountdown Comeback 080724




Credit: finkldata


July 29, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. vazod replied:

    cool… another performance! thanks for ur effort!
    many thanks!

  2. tramtram replied:

    I like “don’t cry” so much so cool so great , thanks u so much

  3. Zap250 replied:

    Just from the screen-grabs I know I’m gonna love this. Thanks ^^

  4. Oschinoz replied:

    Woohoo another performance! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. Kill replied:

    Oh! i wanna see it >o< nowadays i start feel have a passion about Hyori. I wanna see her more.

    ah, Are you Vietnamese? uhm… i only guess wildly ^^”

    uhm… Cám ơn (= Thanks)

  6. caheobeo replied:

    yes I’m Vietnamese 😀

  7. Ky Nam replied:

    anh ơi, thêm mấy cái live mới sau ngày 27 đi anh!! xem hình wành tráng wá!!!!!
    Ah anh oi may cai CF dien thoai anh up ben host gi a, die het rồi, up lại wa bên mega hay usaupload ih, cám ơn anh nhìu. Em down hết nguyên mí cái hyolee trong blog anh òi^^. thanks!!!

  8. caheobeo replied:

    I’m a girl ^^
    Right now I dont have time to re-up, sorry!
    and the new files, CB is having some problems. I dont know but i cant download now…

  9. Karen replied:

    Oooh,haven’t seen this! THANK YOU very much!!!!

  10. tastegud replied:

    Thanks for the share!

  11. tastegud replied:

    😦 Is it possible for a reupload or…too much to ask?

    • caheobeo replied:

      well you are one of my true commentors so i’ll take this but could you pls wait a little b/c i’m uploading family outing 😉

  12. tastegud replied:

    Hahah of course 😀
    I can’t download it for like a week anyway 😦
    So much to download and I have to space it all out or I’ll get capped 😦

    Just do it in your spare time 🙂 It’s not like a customer demand or anything 😉

  13. tastegud replied:

    Oh yeah, lol I thought you reuploaded and it died already ><
    Ah well I’ll just wait 🙂 Lotsa other stuff to dl 😀

  14. Where were you, caheobeo? « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] a request of tastegud, I re-uploaded Invincible Lee Hyori & Dont Cry @ Mcountdown Comeback 080724, […]

  15. tastegud replied:

    Thanks caheobeo 😀

  16. ari-girl replied:

    thanks soo much for this perf
    i love dont cry so much and she was fab live
    i also downloaded some toc toc toc performances
    thank you soo much ^^

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