Hyolee – Hey Hey Hey Comedy Skit 070215

i upload this for my friends, but maybe someone didnt have, so i make a new post.

it’s not rar file, so pls dont hot link!

And all you visitors, DO leave comments more!

with Lee Ki Chan, Kim Won Hee, Hyun Young


credit: hyoleeworld


July 27, 2008. Hyori, Hyun Young, Kim Won Hee, Lee Ki Chan.


  1. Nisa N. replied:

    thank you for your wonderful sharing very much
    I just really can’t wait to watch anymore

  2. iLOVEsunmi replied:

    woo! this looks funny >.<

  3. janeberryblue replied:

    oh man i totally forgot all about this skit!!!!! hyori makes such a great comedian 😀

    i just discovered this blog and it has some nice HQ hyori vids. can’t wait to see what else you upload ^^

  4. caheobeo replied:

    what a pity this is not HQ 😦
    but almost files i upload here are HQ 🙂
    enjoy and leave comments to encourage me 😛

  5. Denis replied:

    I got my Hyorish limited lp 3days ago .
    My second credit card worked .I love her photos there .
    she looks awesome there !!!
    I am very happy …yea hawww …

  6. Zap250 replied:

    Saw this on youtube, it’s so funny I can watch it over and over, thanks for sharing!

  7. chankun replied:

    Thanks alot for sharing this, love your efforts, it’s appreciated caheobeo!!

  8. lillkitty replied:

    Thanks for sharing this sweety ^_^ I’ll cut Kim Jong Kook performances for you till this weekend ^_^

  9. caheobeo replied:

    Yes yes I love you :”>
    yay yay…
    *extremely happy*

  10. Infinity_tao replied:

    thank you so much for sharing
    this look awesome ^________^

  11. tern replied:

    The second half of that episode is even better. Hyolee the workplace vixen. ^_^

  12. giulialicious replied:

    oh my God! I was sooo looking for it! thanks a lot lot lot lot!!

  13. Recent URLs tagged Comedy - Urlrecorder replied:

    […] recorded first by DBGlass on 2008-09-29→ Hyolee – Hey Hey Hey Comedy Skit 070215 […]

  14. Ronald replied:


  15. Family Outing ep. 43 (090412) « My Blue Ocean replied:

    […] a look at her comedy skit with Hyori […]

  16. Saffron replied:

    thx a lot!!!!

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