For Coolsmurf!

EDIT: PLS SIGN THE PETITION in the hope of bring him or his account back.

And if you know what else can we do to bring his account back, pls DO let me know, I’ll do it whatever it is.


Heard what happened to him.

Yeah, i’m crying…

i dont know how to say, but… i just want to rest a little. i dont wanna do anything now.

pls.. let me cry..

do drop by his blog and give him a message if you can.

i miss you, Coolmurf. who doesnt?

if you wanna know why i am that sad, read the comment #190.

MINE is suspended a while ago. Gomdorii, too. WHY??????? Our account had over 500 subbed videos. Coolsmurf had almost 800. Can you say that i should not cry?


July 27, 2008. Caheobeo's Diary.


  1. getmesumrice replied:

    Ohmygoodness. I know what you mean. I’m definitely saddened! I just had to blog about it in mine, too! I was so shocked. I didn’t know how to react. ToT

  2. Zap250 replied:

    That is very sad indeed. SBS evidently doesn’t realize the tremendous benefit people like youtube provide in promoting their programming, that makes the copyright issue pale in comparison. Signed the petition, hope it helps.

  3. caheobeo replied:

    thanks all for your comments. Your comments keep me and Coolsmurf going on!

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