Hyolee – Invincible Lee Hyori & U-Go-Girl @ Music Core Comeback (080719)


That means it will be NOT uploaded until someone request it.


TP file


credit: finkldata

feel free to hot link but pls credit and link back to my blog


July 26, 2008. HDTV/TP files, Hyori, Performance.


  1. Michelle replied:

    please upload this perf! I’ve been looking to download it everywhere. thanks for doing such a great job with updates! ❤

  2. misssnowzs replied:

    hello caheobeo,
    can i request???hihihi…
    ive been waiting for u to upload dis perf…

  3. Suzume replied:

    Yeah, another TS! 🙂

    (+1 request, please)

  4. Jason replied:

    I want to request this too!! THANKS!!

  5. tern replied:

    I haven’t been able to find this performance anywhere else so please please share. Great work!

  6. Mike replied:

    Please upload this! Thanks!

  7. vazod replied:

    one more to the awaiting list… 🙂 thank you so much for sharing!

  8. thao replied:


  9. YOYOYO replied:

    UH UH UH UH OKKKAY! thanks ❤

  10. giulialicious replied:


  11. tastegud replied:

    wow REALLY HQ!!

    Thanks for it!!

  12. nueng replied:

    THANK YOU! I Love Lee Hyori

  13. toonkit replied:

    thank thank thank

  14. Lovedonghaeleeteuk replied:

    Can have only U-Go-Girl cut ??
    Plz !!
    Really love this song !!

  15. conga10fury replied:

    thanks a lot! full HD is great. xD

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