Made In Hyolee DVD – Hyolee’s Story

She talked abt her story of becoming a star 🙂


credit: let’s look

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July 7, 2008. Hyori, Made in Hyolee DVD.


  1. dennis replied:

    She’s pretty and very beautiful !!!!

    i am still her fan ,and always be .I don’t care if some people bash or hate her .She still has more fans.

    you not going to ban me anymore ??

  2. caheobeo replied:

    ^if you are still her fan

  3. dennis replied:

    Of course i am still her fan .
    they can hate her as long as they don’t hurt her physically.

    Last question you read Popseoul ,sheypop and other K-pop blog comments .
    It hurts me ,when they bash her there .But she still has plenty of fans too.

    I posted new photos of her in sharing section .
    she attended MC Yoo wedding . I like her dress ,looks nice. She looks very young !!!

  4. sumra7 replied:

    i wanted to watch this! but MU never workd for me 😦
    im starting to like hyori and wanted to know more about her! thanks anyway!

  5. lilvy1025 replied:

    man i dont speak KOrean but im still gonna watch it seeing HYori unnie is enough

  6. lilvy1025 replied:

    rar file doesn’t work i can’t play it

  7. caheobeo replied:

    you have to extract it using winrar. enter the and then you will have the avi file

  8. manolo replied:

    thanksi love hiori

  9. fink replied:

    i love hyori!!! thank you..u have lots of hyori stuffs here.. 😉

  10. Chris_yume replied:

    Thank you very much

  11. christine replied:

    hi, first of all, thanks so much for this!! but… the pw doesnt seem to work :S have you changed it?

  12. caheobeo replied:

    no i didnt, make sure you didnt accidentally add any spaces

  13. christine replied:

    yay!! it works!!! yea, i probably added in a space somewhere x.x
    finally, after like the 17th time ^_^

  14. tastegud replied:

    thanks chb 😛

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