Made in Hyolee DVD – Performances

090426 edit: reuploaded by Barbie


MU by Barbie


feel free to hot link but pls credit and link back to my blog


June 26, 2008. Hyori, Made in Hyolee DVD, Performance.


  1. Marta replied:

    thank you so much
    you rock!

  2. Aestas replied:

    Woooooot! Hyori’s so pretty~<3

  3. ohh replied:

    Thanks for sharing.

    I love Hyori. She is so pretty~

  4. pillow replied:

    thank you very much. Can I get the password, please?

  5. iaimusic replied:

    Ooh…thank you very much!

  6. yoyoyo replied:

    thank you so much ❤

  7. manolo replied:


  8. Kiddychild replied:

    thanks for sharing

  9. Jenn replied:

    Thank you so much for putting your time and effort for uploading these videos. Especially such high quality videos that are really difficult to find.

    I tried to dl this but when i clicked on MU and it led me to the megaupload site but it said “unfortunately the link you have clicked is not available.

  10. Barbie replied:


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