Hyolee & Ock Ju Hyun – Gmarket long ver.

For request of Msunrise 🙂


credit: finkldata


June 23, 2008. CFs, Fin.K.L, Hyori.


  1. Msunrise replied:

    Thank you so much for uploading this! =)

  2. Nisa N. replied:

    Thank you for your wonderful sharing very much

  3. Infinity_tao replied:

    thank you for sharing ^^

  4. Quang replied:


  5. Karen replied:

    If this a CF? THANKS for sharing!

  6. Karen replied:

    THANKS! Can’t believe I haven’t seen this one.

  7. Chris_yume replied:

    thank you so much

  8. Jenn replied:


  9. tastegud replied:

    thanks 🙂 Looks sexy 😛

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