Sunha (feat. Nicole) – String on Music Bank (2008-05-09) [cashewmania]

I asked Lisa-cashewmania CB owner to up this. She really uploaded it, but she said that pls dont re-up this onto any non-CB links, except for online link. So I decided to up this on Veoh.

I know this is late, but I still wanna to share. Go KARA!!!

Lovely Kamilia! 😀 They went their to support Nicole, just for 20 seconds!


credit: cashewmania CB

For VEOH, download Veoh TV, install and you can download the full-length video with the original quality.


June 9, 2008. Kara, Performance.


  1. Moon Diem Trang replied:

    thanks alot ^^
    i’ll download later

  2. klabautermann replied:

    xcuse me, anyone pls re-upload? i’m living in indonesia & somehow veoh is no longer available from here… THANKS B4

  3. caheobeo replied:

    sorry i dont have it anymore 😦

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