Kim Jong Kook – It’s love MV + Engsub online

Jong Kook oppa is my ideal man. I love all sides of him. Though I dont have many files but I decided to share ‘cuz I wanna spread KJK’s love. Hope to be friends with all oppa’s fans. 😀

I’ll appreciate much if you leave a comment or show me where to download his other files. 😛



Subbed version by

Thanks coolsmurf and jaycee for this! 😀


May 14, 2008. Engsub, Kim Jong Kook, MV, Yoon Eun Hye.


  1. jaycee725 replied:

    yeah, this was the first official MV it’s love.
    on April 25, 2007 (kjk’s bday) another It’s love MV -2
    was released by KJK’s management. It includes 4 KJK & YEH pics. it was so meaningful coz their pics together appeared on the lyrics “i know you’re a person with very warm hands and eyes, who only turns to and values me” .
    i love this song and this MV.

    here’s the link to this MV -2 Its love, credit Coolsmurf

    dont stop spreading KJK’s love.

  2. caheobeo replied:

    Really thank you for the information!
    I’m sorry your comment was automatically blocked by the wordpress spam manager (‘cuz it has a link :P)
    And the problem is I dont know how to change this option, what I can do is recover it. 😦
    I will add this link to my post, thanks for posting! 😀

  3. kjk & yeh replied:

    Hai Caheobeo,

    the link is unavailable can you upload again….^^ i love both of them…arhhhhh…oh my god…

    Thank you
    god bless you

  4. ina.riena replied:

    omg!… the video is not in youtube anymore… i really wanna see it… 😦

  5. ina.riena replied:

    please jaycee725…. i wanna watch it…i wanna see eun hye pic…

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