Hyolee – Making Black Bean Shape Mnet Wide News (08.04.14)

Reuploaded as request

To larch89: next time pls use the request page. I dont check comments often.


Credit: finkldata

May 11, 2008. CFs, Hyori, Making, News.


  1. eve replied:

    waow…there is “American” whose interesting on Hyori

  2. larch89 replied:

    CHB, can u reupload this file, i really like it, but this link was died T.T
    thank u so muchhhhh^^

  3. tastegud replied:

    I think I enjoy downloading things non related to her songs more than her songs ><

  4. Neil S. replied:

    thanks so much for the video…i love it!

  5. 2B-Roxy{Bo-Hiem} replied:


  6. tastegud replied:

    Well I watched it… and what puzzled me was … what was this actually showing? I didn’t understand what this was actually about. It was really cute and stuff… from my guesses was it a shooting of a CF? lol

    • caheobeo replied:

      yes it was. you can search for the actual CF in my blog. Somewhere in my blog lol..

  7. Hyori Fan replied:

    lol she’s so cute in the screenshots. Her top is cute.

  8. Kỳ Nam replied:

    huhuhuhu when will i have a chance to download hyolee’s liveshow DVD….

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