Hyolee – KB Card (30s)

090426 edit: reuploaded by aska

I like the song 🙂

It’s Hyori’s voice, right? (or it’s just me?)

Hope that’s one of the songs in her new album 🙂

Download by aska

Credit: asianjunkie.com


April 13, 2008. CFs, Hyori.


  1. dennis replied:

    My beautiful Hyori , she just looks so sweet and good .

    she makes me happy.

  2. dennis replied:

    Damn my fucking computer .Stupid fucker refuses to download it. Jesus why the fuck it doesn’t work.
    Sorry for cussing here ,i am very angry now that my computer refuses to download. I guess i have no choice ,but to watch this cf at You Tube .

  3. caheobeo replied:

    Dennis I’ve tried the link and it works perfectly fine. Dunno what happened with your comp! Maybe you should try it 2morrow. If it still doesnt work, let me know and I will re-up it to another host 🙂

  4. trangmin replied:

    Wow unnie with short hair :-O F´´It’s my first time seeing this but like always……….so…………..pretty :X:X

  5. karen replied:

    woow. love the cf thx u so much

  6. kiwizm replied:

    oh oh can’t see pw nowhere (and yeh i’ve hunted down the previous ones lol)

  7. caheobeo replied:

    pw for files without a * mark is caheobeo.wordpress.com

  8. Moon Diem Trang replied:

    link die :T_T:
    please re-upload

  9. Ang Swee Han replied:

    I like this ad.

  10. tastegud replied:

    thanks chb for original 😀 and thanks aska for reup 😛

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