Hyolee – Gmarket Boracay 2 (30s)

Edit: Link died

Another 30s of her cutie 🙂

Download: IU

Credit: FinKLdata CB


April 9, 2008. CFs, Hyori.


  1. dennis replied:

    Damn !!!!!!!
    She’s so beautiful …i love her body and personality .
    perfect !!!!!!

  2. caheobeo replied:

    Haha I love everything abt her 🙂

  3. phoba replied:

    boracay?….in what place is that?….
    i guess boracay is located in philippines?.
    correct me if im wrong..pwehehe..=)

    i luv noona!…

  4. caheobeo replied:

    Sorry! I dont know either 😦

  5. dennis replied:

    It is Boracay -Phillipines ..

  6. caheobeo replied:

    Oh thanks for the info Dennis 🙂

  7. Moon Diem Trang replied:

    link die ………
    please reupload

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