*Hyolee & Bi – KB Card 2008 Leather Style 30s

Edit: Link died

It’s her newest CF 🙂
Enjoy and continue to support her!
(the CF is not bad but I dont like Bi’s hairstyle, dunno why)

Download: IU (Password: love.hyori.caheobeo.wordpress.com)

Credit: FinKLdata CB

HINT: pw is near the download link 🙂


April 9, 2008. Bi/Rain, CFs, Hyori.


  1. P replied:

    hey little dolphin!!
    i leave you a comment as you want hahah…
    this is a good trick for hinding the password, but i know it hahah…anyway, thanks for sharing

  2. caheobeo replied:

    Hi P 🙂
    Finally I saw your comm lol
    Just kidding, I know you visit my blog regularly, but I didnt see you online in MSN. R u too busy?
    I am looking forward for seeing you in ESPN hahaha

    P.S: I think it’s a good trick, too. Thanks for Boo ^^

  3. trangmin replied:

    Oh Bi dên :(( I don’t like him :((. How could he be so that famous ???!!! >< Unnie, why dont you film a CF with my Sungminnie 😦

  4. caheobeo replied:

    Because Sungmin’s image isn’t suitable with her image lol
    And maybe Minnie is under SM now 😦

  5. Karen replied:

    woow. thx a lot. bin hair sooooo…u ar right !

  6. Vazita replied:

    Hyo Ri’s Hair =))
    So Sexy >”

  7. trangmin replied:

    This hair style is really pretty chị iu nhở :X:X

  8. caheobeo replied:

    uh, but not Bi’s hairstyle 😐

  9. Kris replied:

    i cannot seem to download any of the video. the link just dont see to work. can someone help me? thanks!

  10. caheobeo replied:

    Sorry IU server has down recently. I’ll re-up all IU links when I comeback. Try other files with USA links pls.

  11. Kris replied:

    thanks for the reply!!

  12. AnhDNV replied:

    I really love Bi. I can download this clip? Can u give me link download ???

  13. tastegud replied:

    Thanks for the shares!

  14. May replied:

    Thx for the video, but i can download this video..

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